Mohammed R. AlGhafly, CSCM

Communication & IT Officer
Mohammed AlGhafly

I was born in Saudi Arabia on July 10, 1987, and came to the United States in 2005 to study Business, first at the University of Central Arkansas, then at the University of Findlay, majoring in Systems Analysis and Operations & Logistics.

I graduated from the University of Findlay College of Business with a Bachelor of Science Degree Cum Laude in December 2010.

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Senior Graduate Spotlight '10 - The University of Findlay

Mohammed Alghafly '10

Systems analysis and operations and logistics major

Seeking new opportunities and a smaller campus environment, Mohammed Alghafly transferred to UF in 2008 from the University of Central Arkansas. "I came to UF because I liked its business program," he said. "At Findlay, I've learned entrepreneurial skills ... The business program gives you a lot of practical experience. You learn things in class and apply them to real-life situations." Alghafly's goal is to build his skills and competencies to be competitive in his career, and he's meeting that goal by taking advantage of the many opportunities available to him at Findlay.

In fall of 2009, Alghafly became involved with Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE), an organization that not only has allowed him to apply the principles he learns in class but also has helped him to learn a lot about himself, gain confidence in his abilities, stretch his knowledge base and acquire skills that Alghafly says will be beneficial to him as he begins a career. "When I first joined SIFE, I was an observer," he said. Since then, Alghafly sees SIFE as an investment opportunity for students. "SIFE has helped me acquire skills I've been looking for - communication skills, business skills, business etiquette knowledge."

Interview with Mike Harrington (President of Oak Ridge Investments) -Saving for the Future
Through his membership in SIFE, Alghafly was invited to attend the 2010 SIFE World Cup in Los Angeles, Calif., where he presented on behalf of UF's SIFE team. Alghafly shared UF's program to teach students how to manage finances and debt, which was funded through the Chartis Credit Challenge. He says that going to the world competition gave him insight into what other schools have done and gave him confidence that Findlay's program has been successful and will continue to be successful.

A program Alghafly is especially proud of is the Investment Club, which was started several years ago but recently received additional funding from the Chartis Credit Challenge grant awarded to SIFE. The club meets weekly to manage a portfolio to teach students investing and investment strategies. Club membership has remained consistent at approximately 10-15 students, and though Alghafly is pleased that the club's investments have made money, he is more pleased that the students involved have acquired investment skills, and some even have opened their own accounts or pursued further training.

Another SIFE activity Alghafly became involved in was Money Lunch, a radio program on WLFC 88.3 FM, but it wasn't without some hesitation. "I thought about it during the whole semester in 2009 ... I thought because of my language barrier, I wouldn't be able to do it, or I thought I might say something incorrectly," he said. "When I started doing it, however, I became more confident ... It was a challenge to myself that I overcame."

Money Lunch attempts to teach listeners, mostly students, skills to start their own investments and become cost-saving consumers who are aware of their environments. "To me, that's a big responsibility," said Alghafly. "I try to deliver my message professionally ... I do research, and I advise my audience to do their own research, as well."

Interview with Sherri Garner Brumbaugh (president, Garner Transportation Group, Inc) -Making Connections
Alghafly not only educates listeners through the radio but also recently through YouTube. As a founding member of the SIFE Business Journal, Alghafly and other SIFE members appear in YouTube videos, produced in the University's television studio, to educate students about finances. One of the project's segments includes interviews with business men and women who come to campus as part of the College of Business' Visiting Executive program.

"It's beneficial to a lot of UF students to see that they could become successful like these executives, many of whom are UF alumni," said Alghafly. "You could have a source of investments, dividend payouts, etc., so you don't have to rely on someone else. It's not just about what comes into your pocket from your paycheck. You have to look at investments ... The money you earn now is worth more later." Alghafly credits some of his success at Findlay to Greg Arburn, Ph.D., SIFE and Investment Club adviser. "He gave me a lot of confidence in myself ... To try to speak a different language and speak to a native English-speaking audience was something that was really hard for me, but Dr. Arburn and other faculty helped me come through those obstacles," said Alghafly. "I think I can't do these things, but to hear someone say that you can do it is something that has changed me and will continue to do so."

Alghafly's willingness to overcome his obstacles has not gone unnoticed by other faculty members within the College of Business, who selected him as the recipient of the 2010 outstanding international student award.As an international student, Alghafly encourages other students to overcome their own obstacles and take advantage of new experiences. "If you're from 1,000 miles away or 100 miles away, we're all the same." After graduation, Alghafly is considering several options but will likely continue his studies to earn a master's degree.